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This product may not conceal all data completely. The ink my not resist all attempts at being removed. For example, it may not hold up to strong solvents or excessive scrapping. Use this product as part of a comprehensive program to prevent theft or loss of you private information. PLUS Corporation is not responsible for any damages which may be incurred through the use of these products.
Objects that cannot be effectively covered:
Paper with a rough surface; Paper that absorbs ink excessively; Some types of specially coated papers; Characters with raised print; Characters printed in color; Characters in a large font size.


Guard Your ID Stamp

Roller Advanced


A new level of protection.
  • Advanced ink adheres better to glossy & coated surfaces.*
  • Good for prescription bottles & magazine covers.
  • Helps protect you from identity theft.
  • Ideal for use on junk mail.
  • Specially designed compound pigment- and oil-based ink.
  • Easily recycle stamped documents.
  • Please Note: This product is not refillable.

  • Roller size: 2.75 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Stamping surface: 5/8 inch wide
  • Amount of stamp impression: approximately 100 ft
Available Colors      


Deter identity theft
According to the February 2008 Javelin Strategy & Research Survey Report, identity theft occurs to someone in the U.S. every 3.5 seconds.

The Kes'pon Guard Your ID Stamp Roller Advanced has ink that is designed to better adhere to glossy and coated surfaces. The roller shape allows it to be used on uneven and curved surfaces, making the Roller Advanced ideal for use on prescription bottles. Of course, it also works great on junk mail such as magazines, post cards, credit card offers, financial statements, or anything that has information on it that you want to keep private.

Use on coated and glossy surfaces
Specially formulated pigment- and oil-based ink, makes the new Kes'pon Advanced very effective at masking printed material, even on glossy surfaces. It is perfect for protecting information found on medicine bottles, glossy mailers, labels and more.*

Unique pattern masks print
The unique pattern for Kes'pon products was specially designed to obscure the text underneath it. In a single stroke, you can glide the roller over all of the text you want masked, even on uneven and curved surfaces.

Compact, highly portable design
The small size of the roller fits comfortably in your hand, and allows for convenient storage. The tightly sealed security cap prevents accidental inking when not in use.

A great alternative to a shredder
Most waste disposers are not able to recycle shredded paper. This is because shredders cut the paper fibers so short that they are unusable for most recycling purposes.

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